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Another Found Poem – Anatomy of Love

John A. Vanek St. Petersburg, Florida, United States (Fall 2010)Poet’s statement: I am a physician by training, but a poet by passion. Poetry provides a vehicle that takes me to places that logic won’t go. It is a way of understanding the incomprehensible, both in life and in medicine. I now prescribe poetry PRN (“as needed”), […]

The Tyranny of Optimism – A Hectic in My Blood

James B. Rickert The Society for Patient Centered Orthopedics, Bloomington, Indiana, United States (Fall 2010) Poet’s statement: “The Tyranny of Optimism” was written after I had spoken to a cancer support group. I became angry when it became apparent that all of us had experienced well-intentioned healthy people asking us to do the impossible: put […]

Unbent, Unbroken

Richard D. Sontheimer University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, United States (Fall 2010) Poet’s statement: The human midbrain is about emotion. The forebrain is about analysis. Human behavior results from a delicate conversation between the midbrain and forebrain. Medicine, primarily an analytic activity, is done largely within a data-enriched forebrain. The emotional […]


Ron Domen Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States (Fall 2010) Poet’s statement: Being a physician provides very real and intimate encounters with many lives. For the physician who also writes poetry, the poem is an opportunity to capture the seemingly disparate, random particulars of life and of patient’s stories and to seek […]


Shira B. Ellenberg Rush University, Chicago, Illinois, United States (Fall 2010)   We stand in a close circle around Michelle as she hands out yellow isolation gowns. We are putting on gloves, preparing ourselves, taking deep breaths. We are solemn, doe-eyed and beginning a collective inaudible tachypnic chorus. She tells us about the first time […]

A Journal of Rehabilitation

Eliette Markhbein Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Center, New York, New York, United States (Fall 2010) Poet and artist’s statement: I started to write poetry a year after a traumatic brain injury and damage to my spine, the result of being struck by a speeding car. It stemmed from the necessity to escape pain and mental chaos […]

The fisherman’s lasagna: a love story about prescriptive photomontage and anorexia

Nancy Gershman, prescriptive artist Art For Your Sake, Chicago, Illinois, United States Lauren Lazar Stern, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States (Fall 2010) Can Sally,1 a 32-year old struggling with anorexia also be a responsible student nurse on an eating disorder unit? The answer is never under-estimate the power of denial.2 The very qualities that masked Sally’s obsessive […]

“Normal” – “Hang in There” – “The Monster” and other work

Monika Filipiak Peszek (Fall 2010) About two years after my daughter was born, I was depressed. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. I could feel myself growing heavier and heavier, and angrier and angrier. I was mad at my husband all the time. I blamed him for the way I was feeling. […]


Laura Olear Chicago, Illinois, United States (Fall 2010) Artist’s statement:This series of mixed media drawings is abstracted from biological imagery. They explore issues of control over one’s own health in the form of “self-inflicted” conditions or diseases. Obesity, anorexia, smoking, tanning, excessive alcohol consumption, and self-mutilation can all result in a variety of potentially life-threatening […]