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December Fall

James O. Ballard Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States (Spring 2012) Poet’s statement: Those of us who care for patients at the end of life realize the importance of closure (i.e., the settling of unfinished business, misunderstandings, and disputes between patients and their families and friends before death). This poem begins and […]

Beech Leaves

L. N. Allen Trumbull, Connecticut, United States (Spring 2011) Poet’s statement: This poem is about resurrection, no matter how improbable.   Beech leaves When birches, cottonwoods, sourwoods, hickories yews, willows, ginkgos, and even miserly oaks— Jove’s own tree—have cast away their summer leaves like shunting off grandparents to nursing homes where they can die unseen, […]

Leaving you behind

Marah Rutland, United Kingdom (Spring 2011) Poet’s statement: It seems only yesterday my beloved died. Months have passed and life is moving on, whether I want it to or not. This poem solidified itself in my mind as I felt caught between having to move on, while still desperately clinging to all he meant to […]