George Dunea

If I ruled the world, Soundings
Glimpses of the past, Spring 2006
Unauthorized practices, Summer 2006
Marriage à la mode, Summer 2006
Pills with a doughnut hole, Winter 2006
Of cats, mice, and cocaine, Winter 2005
Heart fever, Spring 2005
Compassionate care, Spring 2005
Uncompassionate care, Summer 2005
Looking sideways, Summer 2005
In committee, Soundings
On covering one’s mouth (when yawning), Spring 2004
Discontents, Spring 2004
Three puzzling cases, Summer 2004
Privacy concerns, Summer 2004
The gas we pass, Fall 2004
In captivity—at Lewes, Winter 2004
Geese of a different feather, Soundings
Speech that irritates, soundings
Educating the consumer, soundings
Young doctors, old lawyers, Summer 2003
Medical thaumaturgy, Summer 2003
Weapons of mass destruction kill dinosaurs, Fall 2003
Diagnosing house officer fatigue, Fall 2003
A gift for Thanksgiving, Winter 2003
Teaching hospital teams, Winter 2002
Holes in the heart, Spring 2002
Surfing the web, Summer 2002
A gross story, Summer 2002
Too many to count, Fall 2002
Spraying lawns and eating grass, soundings
Au zinc, Winter 2001
Feeding frenzy, Winter 2001
Some diseases must declare themselves, Spring 2001
The cow war, Spring 2001
Executing Timothy McVeigh, Summer 2001
Alphabet soups, Summer 2001
Good news, and some bad, Fall 2001
Escape to Eden, Fall 2001
Clients on diets, Winter 2001
Looking for the man who fell off the roof, Winter 2000
Crisis in the air, Spring 2000
A medical error, Spring 2000
Cunegonde’s ears, or multiple medical errors, Summer 2000
Summer news, Summer 2000
What not to do, Fall 2000
Magnificus in distress, Fall 2000
Vampires, Winter 1999
Snow in Chicago, Winter 1999
Erratum, Spring 1999
Premedical science, Spring 1999
Basic science, Spring 1999
Beastly handwriting, Summer 1999
Fancy drugs for worried folks, Summer 1999
Pinot noir powders, Fall 1999
BIBA but LGFTD, Fall 1999
Looking back on 1997, Winter 1998
Perils of primary care, Winter 1998
Mistakes, Spring 1998
Death by injection, Spring 1998
Say no to Viagra, Summer 1998
Catastrophic cat care, Summer 1998
It’s the quality that counts, Summer 1998
Evaluation and management guidelines, Fall 1998
One’s own petard, Fall 1998
The people vote; the doctor calls, Fall 1998
Mangia meno (eat less), Winter 1997
Alternative options, Winter 1997
Breakthroughs and wars, Spring 1997
Night of the gatekeeper, Spring 1997
Noise at Rhinoceros General, Summer 1997
Lesson of the year, Summer 1997
Diagnosing trees and men, Summer 1997
Better ads for healthier people, Fall 1997
Feast or famine, Fall 1997
Downsizing at Rhinoceros General, Fall 1997
Like the plagues of Egypt, Winter 1996
Buy low, sell high, Winter 1996
Over spilt coffee, Spring 1996
Venice from the air, Spring 1996
Vertical integration, Spring 1996
The cruelest month, Spring 1996
Green couch, Summer 1996
Princely visit, Summer 1996
Jane Austen’s doctors and patients, Summer 1996
Legislative flurry, Fall 1996
Salt and other enemies, Winter 1996
Pretending physicians and other new breeds, Winter 1995
To heal on wheels, Winter 1995
He no look good, Spring 1995
Dangers of Afghan food, Spring 1995
The way we eat now, Spring 1995
Telling the patient, Summer 1995
Extracting the history, soundings
Malpractice reform, Summer 1995
Emergency room medicine: 1, Summer 1995
Emergency room medicine: 2, Fall 1995
Little yellow cold pills, Winter 1995
Bus drivers’ rights, Winter 1994
Many physicians have slain a king, Winter 1994
The judge makes hospital rounds, Spring 1994
Caring for Mrs. Brown, Spring 1994
Requiem for the humanities, Spring 1994
Tobacco wars, Spring 1994
Lethal injection, Summer 1994
Looking for breakthroughs, Summer 1994
Attending physician abuse, Summer 1994
Chronobiology, Fall 1994
In praise of disagreeable news, Fall 1994
Vaccines for children, Fall 1994
Down and out in Italy, Fall 1994
Baby Richard, Winter 1994
Informed consumers, Winter 1993
Impasse, Winter 1993
The homeless, Winter 1993
Killers in the basement, Spring 1993
Virus kills primary care donkey, Spring 1993
From the free weekly observer, Spring 1993
In whom to trust, Spring 1993
Realigning the spine, Summer 1993
Strange diseases, Summer 1993
Advice from Polonius, Summer 1993
Floods, Fall 1993
The brain trust returns, Fall 1993
Moon over Slovakia, Fall 1993
Low ATP disease, Winter 1993
Fallibility, Winter 1992
Closing the hospitals, Winter 1992
Left hands, Winter 1992
Relative values arrive, Spring 1992
Surrogates: speaking for patients helps doctors, Spring 1992
Drug ethics, Spring 1992
Breast implants: silicone cash cow, Spring 1992
History of food: thinking of Lucy, Summer 1992
Clouds in intensive care, Summer 1992
Reforming health care: calling for Mr. Yeltsin, Summer 1992
Tracking medical devices, Summer 1992
Thinking the unthinkable: rationing and assisted suicide, Fall 1992
From millimoles to Maastricht, Fall 1992
Doctors from abroad, Fall 1992
Nonsenserine, Summer 1991
Perfume, Summer 1991
Lawyers and doctors, Fall 1991
Flying down under, Fall 1991
Burning down their houses, Fall 1991
At night, Fall 1991
Beans, Soundings