Ludvig Hektoen

Morris Fishbein

PDF Document Ludvig Hektoen: A biography and an appreciation, Summer 1938

Ludvig Hektoen

PDF Document A case of amebic dysentery, Winter 1892

PDF Document Instantaneous death from air entering the uterine veins during a vaginal douche in the fourth month of pregnancy, Winter 1892

PDF Document Embolism of the left coronary artery; Sudden death, Summer 1892

PDF Document Rare cardiac anomalies, Winter 1901

PDF Document Our developing knowledge of gonorrhea and syphilis, Spring 1925

PDF Document On a case of multiple foci of interstitial myocarditis in hereditary syphills, Winter 1986

PDF Document Air Embolism, Summer 2016

Ludvig Hektoen & Beatrice R. Lovett

PDF Document Whooping cough, Spring 1925

Ludvig Hektoen & Charlotte Johnson

PDF Document Prevention of diphtheria and scarlet fever in nurses, Summer 1928

Ludvig Hektoen & George H. Weaver

PDF Document Experiments on the transmission of scarlet fever to monkeys, Winter 1911

Jan Peter Verhave

A Norse and Dutch friendship, Winter 2010