• Benevolent Organization for Development Health & Insight (BODHI) 
    An organization that works with local grassroots partners on innovative health, education, and environmental projects in developing countries that fall through the cracks of traditional aid. They seek out the oppressed and the marginalized. His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama is the founding patron of BODHI.
  • Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago (PHIMC)
    An independent not-for-profit organization that works in collaboration with the greater Chicago area local public health agencies and non-governmental organizations dedicated to building effective public health capacity to enhance the health of communities in the greater Chicago Metropolitan area. PHIMC is committed to dynamic support of those organizations dedicated to solving public health challenges.
  • Public Health and Social Justice
    A resource of articles, slide shows, syllabi, and other documents relevant to topics in public health and social justice. The site is aimed at students, educators, and the general public. It grew out of recognition that medical, and even nursing and public health, schools tend to inadequately address the social, economic, environmental, human rights, and cultural contributors to health and disease.
  • Museum of Public Health in Paris/Musee de l'Assistance Publique a Paris
    A museum that examines the changes and innovations, both technical and political, which have shaped public healthcare in France from the 7th century to the beginning of the 20th century. Artifacts, equipment, paintings, etchings, photographs, archives, pharmacy items, and furniture are used to tell the great history of public hospitals and the shifting attitude toward public health.