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Measure of the heart: Santorio Santorio and the Pulsilogium

Richard de Grijs and Daniel Vuillermin Beijing, China (Winter 2017)   Pulsilogium (center; line with a weight tied to a finger alongside a ruler) and thermoscope (right). (Sanctorius, S., 1626, Commentaria in primamFen primi libri CanonisAvicennae, Venice: Sarcina, p. 22. Woodcut and text; Credit: Wellcome Library, London) The heart is a musical organ. The irregularity of […]

The pulsilogium and the diagnosis of love sickness

Donatella Lippi History of Medicine and Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, University of Florence, Italy Giuseppe Mascia Institute of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, University of Florence, Florence, Italy Luigi Padeletti Institute of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, University of Florence, Florence, Italy (Summer 2014) Doctors since time immemorial have felt the pulse of their patients, […]

A theologian answers questions about the heart: St. Thomas Aquinas’ De Motu Cordis

Michael Potts Methodist University, North Carolina, United States (Summer 2014) An altarpiece in Ascoli Piceno, Italy by Carlo Crivelli (15th century) Suppose you are a high school teacher in a basic biology class and you have a question about the function of the heart. You decide to ask an expert, so you dial a university […]

What about the blood?

 W. Roy Smythe Texas A&M Health Science Center, Temple, United States (Spring 2011)   Red blood cells in a vessel by Jemère Bohnert © 2011 My beeper went off again. I got up out of my seat in the empty hospital cafeteria, walked over to the wall phone and dialed zero. Zero is exactly how […]

The heart in Star Trek

Victor Grech University of Malta, Tal-Qroqq (Spring 2013) Star Trek (ST) is a fictional utopian future history depicting how humanity might develop up to the 24th century. The series and movies comprise a metanarrative that encompasses 735 hours of viewing time, and thereby provides a fertile ground for analysis of various areas of critical study. […]

The vaudeville revue

 Terry Wahls (Summer 2009) My partner, Jackie, asks Grandma if she would like to come with her to watch the dress rehearsal for the Vaudeville Revue. Since my children, Zach and Zebby, were toddlers we have called my mom “Grandma.” I thought it was less confusing to my kids to have me use the term […]

Defibrillation and Treadmill

Stuart W. Rosenbush Chicago, Illinois, United States (Summer 2014) Treadmill   Defibrillation   Artist’s statement “Treadmill” tries to serve as a metaphor for human experiences, with varying paths and roads, ups and downs and surprises.  “Defibrillation” is a pictorial representation of a disruptive, abnormal heart beat, triggering a potentially fatal, irregular heart rhythm – which […]

Saving hearts and art

Riccardo Benvenuto Maria Serratto-Benvenuto Chicago, Illinois, United States (Spring 2013) Figure 1 Lactatio Bernardi e Madonna Regina Giovanni Andrea Ansaldo Figure 2 St. Antonio e St. Paolo Carlo Giuseppe Ratti   In 1960 a girl was born in the small commune of Mele, some 25 miles from Genoa. She had a heart murmur and her […]

History of endocarditis

Ramin Sam San Francisco General Hospital, California, United States (Spring 2013)   Until the advent of the 19th century there had been autopsy reports of patients who may had suffered from infective endocarditis, but little was known of the disease and there had been no description of it.1 By the beginning of the 20th century, […]

Paul Dudley White

Philip R. Liebson Rush University, Chicago, Illinois, United States (Summer 2012) In September 1955 President Dwight Eisenhower suffered a myocardial infarction. Dr. Paul Dudley White (1886–1973) was called in to attend to him. For a time, Dr. White was probably the most famous cardiologist in the US because of his attendance to the president. A […]