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The Terme Boxer’s trauma

Seth Judson Los Angeles, California, United States (Spring 2018)   Terme Boxer or Boxer at Rest Palazzo Massimo alle Terme The cavernous eyes of the Terme Boxer look at me with the same anguish and exhaustion that has intrigued archaeologists and art historians since the boxer was first unearthed in Rome over a century ago. […]


Sooo-z Mastropietro Westport, CT     Inspiration can appear unexpectedly just like progress born from sickness. ‘Huetation’, inspired by Rebecca Skloot’s book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” and film documentary “The Way of All Flesh” took awe from an 8 second visual of mutating cancer cells, displayed with a sequence of 3 images in textiles. […]

Portraits of vision: Sir Joshua Reynolds

Sally Metzler Chicago, United States (Winter 2017)   Fig 1. Joshua Reynolds, Self Portrait, 1788, Royal Collection Trust, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The subject of this portrait wears wiry, diminutive round spectacles, lending a distinctly pedantic flair.  Yet gazing out is none other than Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723 -1792), one of the greatest English painters […]

Winslow Homer, the eye-surgeon

Water color painting of Winslow Homer entitled Adirondacks Guide ( 1892). Inset: Detail of the guide’s right eye showing the blue iris, black pupil and the corneal blade mark by the artist.   Although the 19th Century American painter Winslow Homer has been hailed as a lover of the land because of his striking watercolors, […]

The plague of ergotism and the grace of God

 Wilson F. Engel West Desert Enterprises LLC, Gilbert, Arizona, United States (Fall 2015)   Detail of a patient suffering from advanced ergotism in the Isenheim Altarpiece Matthias Grünewald’s Isenheim Altarpiece Musée d’Unterlinden, France   Perhaps the best known and least forgettable of all Renaissance art works depicting the graphic effects of disease is Matthias Grünewald’s Isenheim […]

Dr. Arrieta and Francisco Goya

  Self Portrait with Dr. Arrieta Francisco de Goya, 1820 William W. Stringer Los Angeles, CA, United States   Francisco Goya (1746-1828) was a deaf Spanish painter who almost died of a severe, unknown illness in 1819.1 He painted this self-portrait in 1820 to illustrate the kind and attentive care provided by Dr. Arrieta.2 In […]

Francisco de Goya: a portrait of illness

Trang Ngoc Diem Vu Rochester, Minnesota, United States Self-Portrait with Dr. Arrieta, 1820 Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes Minneapolis Institute of Arts The Ethel Morrison Van Derlip Fund Francisco de Goya’s Self-Portrait with Dr. Arrieta is a Romantic painting illustrating one of Goya’s most severe bouts of illness. The inscription beneath the scene reads, […]

Gertrude Abercrombie: surrealist predilection and pancreatic affliction

Sally Metzler Chicago, Illinois (Summer 2016)   Letter from Karl, c. 1940, Gertrude Abercrombie (1909-1977) Collection of the Union League Club of Chicago Chronic pancreatitis, longstanding inflammation of the pancreas, is most commonly caused by an excessive intake of alcohol.[i] This was the case of Gertrude Abercrombie, who painted this cryptic, pseudo-surrealistic painting, Letter to Karl. […]

Dr. Pozzi at home: gynecologist, soldier, socialite

Sally Metzler Chicago, Illinois (Fall 2015)   Blessed with professional success and movie-star looks, Dr. Pozzi stands before us appearing regal in his red velvet dressing gown.  He was so admired for his sartorial élan that colleagues nicknamed him “The Siren.”  The artist of this masterful portrait, legendary American expatriate John Singer Sargent, presents Pozzi […]

Saint Cajetan (St Gaetano Thiene)

Sally Metzler Chicago, Illinois (Spring 2016)   Theatiner Church, Munich Theatiner Church, Munich Saint Gaetano comforting a dying patient Sebastiano Ricci Brera Pinacoteca, Milano The cupola and two towers of the Theatiner Church in Munich rise high against the backdrop of the Alps in memory of Saint Cajetan. He is the patron saint of Argentina […]